Empty Shops Initiative

The Town Team has identified that the situation regarding empty shops in the town centre is influenced not only by economic conditions but by social changes affecting how, when and where we shop.

The Town Team feel it is timely to introduce an `Empty Shops iInitiative` to deliver future investment and vibrancy into the town centre. Recognising that while as a Town Team we do not know exactly how Stalybridge town centre will continue to change, we do know that things will change.

The Town Team vision for this initiative, effected through a detailed Action Plan, proposes to use empty shops as an opportunity to revive Stalybridge town centre as a thriving hub for retail and social use and as an interactive venue for events and art, both temporary and permanent, through the proactive use of local information and knowledge, nurturing and supporting new start-ups and existing businesses to unlock creative solutions and by taking a collaborative approach with landlords and agents.

The Town Team seeks to facilitate a more co-ordinated and joined up, approach between the Council and the Town Team in responding to the empty shops situation in Stalybridge town centre.