Business Support

The Town Team have introduced a new initiative designed to help existing and new start-up businesses in Stalybridge town centre, encouraging them to grow and prosper and to work collectively towards a much more enterprising and joined up business community that meets the needs of the local communities as well as consumers.

This FREE business advice and support initiative is aimed at helping to empower and up-skill town centre businesses, to encourage them to be more entrepreneurial, to be more innovative, to be better at marketing and communication, to be better at PR and branding and to be on top of things like cash flow, e-commerce, understanding leases and all of the other issues associated with running a successful and profitable business.

It is targeted to help traders and businesses to gain focus and direction by tapping into and sharing the benefit of nationally recognized professional business support experience in the Town Team, as well as external advice and support facilitated via other organizations and providers.

The only way collectively to raise the retail offer across Stalybridge town centre will be through an ever increasing number of individual shops `raising the bar` on enterprise.