We are excited about the future for Stalybridge and hope you feel the same. We are keen to share with you the vision, aims and objectives of our team whose membership represents business, community, faith, local and national government. This website will be updated to keep you up to speed with what’s going on in the town; our events and projects that are intended to make Stalybridge a destination of choice. Please explore this site and learn more about Stalybridge - an historic canalside town with a vibrant heart.

Location, location, location. Stalybridge is ideally placed about ten miles from the UK’s second city, a stopping point for an increasing number of transpennine trains, within half an hour of a major airport. Link this to a Town of rich cultural heritage and features such as attractive scenery, a canal and a river that bisect the town centre and we believe we have the ingredients for a thriving Town.

Retail expert Mary Portas responded to a call from Government in late 2011 with recommendations to regain our high streets, recognising that much of the past won’t return as demand has changed. Many would say that the real call was to the townsfolk to work together and make town centres community hubs; places of pride, places where collective effort makes things happen and most importantly recognises the is no longer ‘someone else’ out there to make the fix. The era of self-help is here and the Town Team is right behind it.

The challenge before the Town Team is to help bring new life to a town centre that, like other towns across the country, has suffered from changing shopping habits and an economy that was in decline.

Our focus is the town centre. We believe that a town that’s fit for the future must be one that can attract visitors, encourage new businesses to start-up and existing businesses to adapt to the changing demands of customers. Increasing footfall will result from a combination of factors; as diverse a range as a varied events calendar, a pleasant public realm and an offer from business that reaches out to customers.  The Town Team is committed to building the connections with a range of third parties who can help our local economy grow and we have been encouraged by the response.